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The Memories
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Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Mon, Aug 10  9:22 PM

Ah, the memories of a long forgotten Internet message board. Funny the things you find while you are searching around, bored and wondering what you can find.

Nice to see the old format still around; funny to see the stuff we used to post about, and some of the stuff that never changes.

Author: Poohgod    ( 2109 posts )Posted: Fri, Dec 04  12:49 PM

Yea, funny...

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Sat, Feb 28  12:31 PM

I imagine you have fallen apart not being able to troll on message boards in Montana. I'll check back in on you in about a year. Poor baby.

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