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Some may think you're crazy if your business isn't here...

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Author: Nimue    ( 2505 posts )Posted: Sun, Oct 07  10:21 PM

Who is it you think you're going to get to come to that table in the present conflict and sign all that stuff Bob? Somehow I don't see Bin Laden turning up and in any case I doubt he's all the source of trouble in Iraq. So who do you get to surrender there? Unlike the war that you're referring to above there is no nation state that's the enemy with which you can make surrender terms. So the above is irrelevent to the present conflict isn't it? Show me what relevant victory in Iraq will look like if you can.

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Sun, Oct 07  10:38 PM

Excuses, excuses.

Author: Nimue    ( 2505 posts )Posted: Mon, Oct 08  8:51 AM

So the answer is you can't.

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