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They're Back...
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Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Updated: Mon, Sep 24  11:35 AM

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  9:10 AM

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  9:11 AM

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Updated: Thu, Sep 06  9:26 AM

What happened to Hsu? He didn't show for his court date....he must be waiting for Hitlary to get elected President and get a pardon. Who knows, maybe he is holed up in NY.

Where is Hsu? He missed his court date.

Author: Thimk    ( 6969 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  9:47 AM


Soooooo appropriate.

Author: Parboy    ( 4488 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  10:54 AM

Just another Clinton opps but then when your chief money raiser is a crook like Terry Mc Auliffe whats new!!!

Author: John Q. Citizen    ( 4915 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  1:09 PM

Clinton is too Republicon for me. I don't wnat Repo lite, that's for sure.

So I guess we agree....

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  3:32 PM

Oh JohnQueueCee, don't lie...we all know you love her and slick Willie. This whole centrist charade she puts on is a joke. She is the biggest commie of them all, which is right up your alley!

Ooooh, the vast right wing conspiracy! Ha!

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Thu, Sep 06  3:39 PM

Author: Bob_kiefer    ( 3781 posts )Posted: Fri, Sep 07  7:15 AM

Hsu caught in Colorado....attempted suicide.....the Dem scandal continues...

Hsu caught in Colorado

Attempted suicide?

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